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X-AIR brings the latest innovation from BPT allowing video entry calls to be answered directly from a tablet or smartphone.

X-AIR PLUS+ miniserver technology builds on the features of X-AIR, allowing up to ten devices to be called. Significantly, X-AIR PLUS+ can also integrate seamlessly with Crestron touchscreens without the need for a full BPT server. A mixture of tablets, smartphones, Crestron devices and traditional monitors can be used in harmony, making X-AIR PLUS+ the most cutting edge and versatile home entry solution for any situation. The miniserver can also act as a secure network device, providing LAN isolation within an apartment to ensure privacy from the building network in multi apartment installations. X-AIR PLUS+ can also utilise the full functionality of the XIP porter system, allowing seamless interaction in apartment block layouts.

Kit includes:

  • 1 fixed monitor as standard
  • Crestron and third party compatible
  • 6 device licenses included in standard kit
  • Expandable up to 10 devices maximum
  • IP intercom