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Seamless IP integration with XIP from BPT

Following extensive of development and close technical cooperation initiated in 2010 between Crestron – world leader in AV and home automation system controls – and BPT – UK market leader of video door entry systems, it is now possible for seamless IP integration like nothing else available, truly cutting edge lifestyle control.  

At a technical level, Crestron and BPT R&D departments have worked together to create a system with full interoperability between the BPT XIP video door entry system and Crestron home control. Without the requirement for any additional specialist units, the BPT and Crestron systems can work in complete harmony.  

Using a shared network, the full functionality of the XIP sytem features such as IP porter facilities and entry control can be accessed seamlessly with Crestron touchscreen panels and remote devices, true integration.

With this level of Flexibility from two market leaders, the possibilities are limitless.

  • Single network architecture
  • Standard LAN platform
  • Central switchboard management system
  • Direct IP connection
  • Easy to install