Quality and environmental policy statement

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The Board of Directors of CAME Cancelli Automatici S.p.A. holds quality, workplace and product safety, technological innovation, and environmental safeguarding to be fundamental values to support a competitive market while maintaining a leading position, both nationally and internationally, in the gate, door and other access automation industry. It is thus committed to provide the means and human, technological, organisational and financial resources to ensure that its design, manufacturing, and sales activities are carried out according to the following cardinal points:

Prevent rather than correct

Came carries out careful, detailed studies of its industrial processes and reviews them periodically. This enables the firm to plan its work to ensure that its products are always compliant to the specifications thus offsetting the actions that could be hazardous to human health.

Respect for quality and environmental standards

CAME undertakes to reach its goals while respecting the legal directives concerning the product and the environment.

Continually improve

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the working processes through new technologies and materials for purposes of improving its products and services as a function of market requirements and other parties involved.

Communicate, consult, involve

The Board of Directors undertakes to diffuse its policy to sensitise and involve all of the people that work for Came, to promote understanding and awareness of the importance of environmental and quality issues through suitable training and sensitivity programs.

For its quality processes management Came Cancelli Automatici is ISO 9001:2000 certified, and for its environmental management it is ISO 14001 certified. Came engineers and manufactures all of its products in Italy.

Over 30 years experience in continual innovation and technology, ensure the best quality of Came products. Maintaining high quality standards is a challenging commitment. Came’s motivation when it comes to quality, is evident and measurable in every phase of the production: whether this is the conception which involves engineers, designers, specialists and technicians, or the selection of raw materials; from production processes, which exploit cutting-edge technological solutions, to constant and rigorous quality controls on the finished product. These very high standards have allowed CAME to achieve the top rewards and certifications from international authorities the world over. Came Cancelli Automatici employs an Integrated Quality Management system that is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 compliant, and an Environmental Management system that is UNI EN ISO 14001:1996 internationally certified. The integrated quality/environmental system is set up to achieve the company’s primary goals of total customer satisfaction, environmental protection and continual respect of workers and the territory in which Came Cancelli Automatici operates.