CAME Domotic 3.0 moves into four apartment compounds in Luxembourg

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About 2,000 apartments in four apartment compounds, in Luxembourg's main cities, have been fitted with CAME Domotic 3.0 innovative technology for managing, burglar alarms, video entry, and access control systems, using just one domotic system.

The first phase saw the fitting of the entire Les Étangs residential compound, over its 12,800 square meter facilities, in the high-end district of Mondorf-les-Bains, which holds 146 apartments grouped into five buildings, that sit surrounded by water-plant pools. Then, CAME completed projects Florea at Schifflange, a compound that features 686 apartments, 42 homes and 2,000 square meters of business facilities, followed by Mondriani at Kohlenberg, an apartment building made up of 16 luxury apartments. The last project was Cloche d’Or, another 850-unit apartment compound amidst a park. All this totals about 2,000 domotic apartments. Interestingly, the project is ongoing, as the number of new apartments fitted with CAME home automation is set to grow.


The challenge

The customer needed a one-stop-shop solution to manage all devices instaleld in the different homes. The sheer scope of the project required easy-to-install and quick-programming features. The system also needed to be modular, so that each user could choose from three different set ups, depending on the specific needs of each family. It also had to be user-friendly and intuitive, for both fitters and families; and had to be manageable from any remote location.

The solution

CAME, contracted by the Luxembourg-based Prodomos real estate company, installed its innovative CAME Domotic 3.0 technology. It's easy to use and designed to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of families at home, by creating a living space tailored to each family's needs. The novel domotic package that is being proposed, has all devices interacting and interconnected among themselves, and, centrally controls lighting, shutters, awnings and blinds, plus heating control. So each room has just the right temperature at any time of day. Also, featured is the video-entry system, for security and privacy.
Finally, the whole package comes wiith a burglar alarm, with its own central control unit, internal siren and detectors to maximize protection and peace-of-mind, indoors and outdoors, for each apartment. The sound diffusion system, made in collaboration with Yahama, even lets you listen to music in each room of the home while creating just the right suggestive atmosphere. Whereas the fire and gas alarm system, with its smoke and gas detectors, makes the inside of the house safe.

Domotics and scenarios

The timer functions let you schedule certain activations at different times of the day, without anyone needing to be home. Thanks to the 'Enter', 'Exit', 'Night', etc., scenario customization feature, you can now incorporate a series of scheduled actions, all into one command, depending on individual needs. The set of commands to activate is viewable on graphic maps, that show images of the home's rooms. It's easy and intuitive to manage on the central terminal's 10-inch TS10 touch-screem, fitted in each apartment. The tenants can also monitor their domotic systems via PC, smartphone and tablets that have installed the specific App. So, all one needs to link up to the ETI/DOMO system server, is a Wi-Fi connection to manage single functions through the DOMOTIC 3.0 App.

Video entry system

The video entry requirements, led CAME to use the Digitha entry panel and display, which also provides access control via a badge and number code. Digitha features a sensitive touch keypad, to customize and adapt certain functions to the varying needs of different users. For the hearing impaired, for example, it features a system-status LED and images that appear on the screen; whereas for the visually challenged users, the system has voice messages and sound signals to notify users about what the system is doing, for example, 'phone call', 'conversation', 'busy' and 'open door'. We are talking about an XIP LAN, that via BUS-cable connects each apartment's terminal, and uses a local area network interface for managing calls even from remote locations.

All of the apartments fitted by CAME, are also low consuming, B-class certified , which cuts energy consumption by a factor of four when compared to G-class certified homes.

Burglar alarm systems

Security at the apartments is provided by the Proxinet8 burglar alarm. This extremely reliable unit can handle up to eight inputs, which can be grouped into independently programmable areas. It has an on-board keypad and transponder-key socket and can be fitted with PSTN and/or GSM telephone combiners. This is a product that can guarantee very high levels of security, and uses proximity technology while exploiting the LAN connection's speed of transmission, network efficiency, ease of installation and programming. The Proxinet8 burglar alarm system seamlessly integrates with the domotic system and is controlled from any remote location via the Domotic 3.0 App.

Modular installation and remote management

The homes, in question, differ in terms of surface area and number of rooms, but, in domotic terms, have similarly coherent structures. This factor, along with the extremely flexible technology, dramatically reduced the fitting times required during the project's installation and programming phases.
Depending on the specific needs, the home owners were able to choose among three different types of set ups, that is, the basic one, featuring only domotics, the medium set up, featuring domotics and remote connectivity, and the top-of-the-line set up, featuring domotics, burglar alarm, audio and fire alarms, plus remote connectivity.

Thanks to CAME Cloud technology, both users and installers can now manage, from remote locations, via their tablets or smartphones, all of the devices installed in their respective homes. CAME Connect, ensures that the domotic system is connected to the CAME Cloud, so both users and installers can manage all the devices via smartphone or tablet PCs from any remote location. After downloading the corresponding application, home owners can check, the state of each room in the house while browsing videocam images, and, activate scenarios, manage utilities and interact with their respective homes, at any time, any where, and totally securely. Likewise, installers, after getting authorization from homeowners, can provide assistance from any remote location without having to be on site. With an internet or 3G connection, installers can link up to the programming software to interface with the system, run checks and diagnostics, update installed devices, edit parameters, add functions and support users at any moment. And they can do this quickly and effectively with any possible malfunction.

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