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Forty years of experience

Since 1972, year in which the company was founded, CAME has been producing the widest range of operators for residential and industrial entrances, car parks and access control systems, as well as developing home automation and intruder alarm systems. By constantly innovating and acquiring new brands and specialist know-how, CAME BPT today can rely on world-class consolidated expertise to provide global control of the home (automation - intruder alarms - home automation) in the field of systems for large public facilities and the management of urban and public areas, offering integrated solutions to meet all needs of people-flow and access control controlling and monitoring.

Starting from the simple gate automation, thanks to the extreme flexibility, integration and adaptability of the devices, CAME BPT manages to achieve an advanced, global automation concept, able to coordinate all that can be automated inside and outside the home in the office and in every urban-collective environment. All moving devices are designed to improve and facilitate daily activities. Simplification, expression of convenience and freedom of movement free of all obstacles, these are the solutions we provide. Focusing special attention on the elderly and impaired.

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When CAME GROUP acquired BPT Ltd in 2012, it was the unification of two dominant forces in the UK automation industry. Both companies achieved remarkable success in their respective market sectors and this alliance ensured these accomplishments would continue. Now, three years later, this convergence demonstrates that CAME BPT UK is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Quality, innovation and attention to detail have been the stalwart principles of BPT since Lisio Plozner created the company in the post Second World War era. Even today, every product is manufactured to the same high standards that have secured the reputation of bpt products worldwide, as the benchmark for quality in the door entry industry. The company has grown substantially, and the outlook for future growth remains bright, as CAME BPT  continue to maintain a high level of product quality and customer service across the UK and Ireland. With our new flagship office in Hemel Hempstead, which houses the most technologically advanced demonstration centre and training facilities and the expansion of services to Ireland with the opening of a new branch in Dublin, CAME BPT confidently enters its 4th decade in the UK market. Geographically, CAME BPT now have branches in Hemel Hempstead, East Midands and Dublin ensuring strategic coverage of the UK and Ireland. This helps us to provide a local service to our customers, the capacity to hold more stock and the guarantee of a faster and more reliable service.


The power of a strong group

CAME BPT’s world is constantly evolving, but our people always remain passionate about contributing to the quality of life. In a world where globalisation brings constant challenges in the pursuit of success, CAME BPT makes no compromise. With over thirty years experience, our consistent priority has been testing technological innovations. Each day we do our best to work towards improving life, and make a difference.

The current set up of the CAME Group is headed by a holding firm which controls three productive businesses (CAME Cancelli Automatici, BPT and Urbaco) as well as a customer assistance firm (CAME Service Italia). CAME Group also own Motostar (France), Furini and more recently have acquired Parkare.

Success breeds success, as the CAME BPT family grows, the future ensures the development of our history.

CAME Urbaco

The factory near Avignon, France, manufactures automatic bollards to aid management of the urban environment. The product range covers fixed bollards, hydraulic and pneumatic retractable bollards and high-security system.

CAME Urbaco Website

CAME Parkare

With installations worldwide, Parkare offers solutions for any parking environment including pay-on-foot, pay & display, automatic number plate recognition, guidance systems and security products.

CAME Parkare UK Website